Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Bit About What We're Doin

First, the update bug count: 
Rebecca: 34
Matt: 16

Last night marked the second in the shelter. The frogs weren't too loud, it was a bit cold, and the mosquitos came out in full force. Not just outside but in the shelter as well. As it turns out, the roof right above our beds has slats that open up to the outside world to increase ventilation. Thus, a grand entrance for any willing mosquito has been positioned approximately six inches from out heads when we sleep. A bug net scheme is in the works, photos will follow. 

This afternoon we met with Dr. David Sanger at the University of Maine. Sanger and fellow UMaine colleagues were responsible for the entirety of Hirundo's past archaeological work. Yesterday we hiked around the marshy woods and checked out the location of the Hirundo Site. It is huge. And I have absolutely no idea how it was discovered in the first place. The wide open spaces of Wyoming where I'm used to conducting surveys is a tad different than Maine.


Over the course of the next few weeks we will begin to survey the Hirundo property for additional archaeological sites. Our tactics have yet to be refined and will likely be fine tuned as problems occur. We'll see! Other than attempting to locate other sites, our work here will mainly focus on the digital promotion of already accomplished archaeological work. This week we will be photographing snazzy artifacts at the University of Maine repository that will be included on Hirundo's web page as part of an interactive cultural chronology of the area. Other projects we will be working on the following weeks include preparing the refuge for Maine Archaeology Month, designing curriculums for archaeology based field trips, and offering the grand knowledge of Rebecca Sgouros and David Sanger to the world in the form of a public lecture next Saturday! See for more info!

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